High Availability Support

From an agency secure, multi-level access portal, clients can enter and track service tickets, view and pay invoices, examine performance reports and review a project and service history.   OPEN support teams respond to tickets quickly and provide next actions all through a central portal.

Simply put, OPEN wants to increase service levels and decrease response times.  ConnectWise PSA enables OPEN to automatically capture service tickets from many sources including managed service tool alerts, agreements, email, phone, fax or client portals.  Once created, tickets are automatically linked to client records and prioritized based on existing service level agreements...and sometimes even assigned based on rules OPEN can define.

Once projects and service tickets are booked, OPEN has powerful capability to quickly assign/reassign resources across open schedules based on employee skill and availability.  System tools balance utilization, prevent double booking and measure resource usage on a real-time basis.  There is also the ability for SafetyPAD agencies to tap into lessons learned and articles published via an online Knowledge Base.  This powerful support system provides SafetyPAD administrators with unsurpassed 24hour access and control over their support experience.

Service Portal
Powered by ConnectWise

Open Incorporated recently upgraded its customer support tools to include ConnectWise, the leading provider of Professional Service Automation (PSA) software for the IT services industry.  ConnectWise PSA combines help desk, dispatching, service level management, project management and CRM into a single, web based application, with integrated time-tracking, billing and reporting. Designed based on 27 years of experience as an IT solution provider and used by over 31,000 IT professionals, ConnectWise enables IT services companies to streamline their daily workflow and operate using proven best practices.

OPEN has implemented ConnectWise 'Capture, Plan & Schedule' modules capture which will provide everything needed from a SafetyPAD implementation contract and smoothly transitions OPEN into the planning and scheduling mode for a new SafetyPAD implementation.  Often downplayed or overlooked in other ePCR solutions, these critical functions prepare OPEN staff for excellence in execution by setting the stage for internal resource optimization, transparency in support operations and seamless workflow integration.