What To Consider When Training New Technology

There’s no question technology has changed the way we save lives over the last decade. However, the effectiveness of live-saving technology is dependent on an agency’s adaptability to provided tools; you can’t adapt without proper guidance and training. Continue Reading...

How Android Mobile Technology Is Improving Healthcare

One way to improve healthcare is to put better technology into the hands of every paramedic and EMT who respond to scenes via 9-1-1 or community paramedicine programs. It only makes sense that one way to enhance patient care is to increase the technology investment for these providers specifically as they - Continue Reading...

ePCR System for Android Increasingly Popular

As Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) Systems become more prevalent, a surging product has been SafetyPAD Mobile for Android. Developed by OPEN Incorporated, SafeyPAD sales are fueling a hefty 120 percent customer growth rate since January 2014, with 98 percent of new clients selecting Android - Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD Achieves 120% Customer Growth in 2014

SafetyPAD witnessed a 120% customer growth since January 2014 with 98 percent of new clients selecting its SafetyPAD for Android solution. The ePCR solutions provider revealed it experienced a significant uptick in hospital-based emergency ambulance services accounting for 25 percent of its new clients. Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD & XPLORE Launch Reseller Agreement
SafetyPAD & XPLORE Technologies, a leading global provider of ultra-rugged and fully-rugged tablets since 1998, announced a reseller agreement today. SafteyPAD will sell Xplore’s products in a bundled offering to fire departments and emergency medical services agencies. Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD Selected as Preferred ePCR Vendor by NCEMSC

SafetyPAD, announced today that it has been selected by the North Central EMS Cooperative (NCEMSC) as a preferred vendor for electronic patient care reporting services . The non-profit offers the advantage of volume pricing discounts on a range of EMS products and services to more than 4k agencies in 50 states. Continue Reading...

Medicount to License SafetyPAD for Android ePCR PlatformJEMS.com
SafetyPAD & Medicount announced a licensing agreement today. Medicount will offer SafetyPAD's new Android electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) and EMS Billing systems together in a seamless, best-of-breed solution to agencies across the nation. Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD Enterprise Helps Paramedics Detect Ebola Risks

OPEN rolled out updates to its SafetyPAD system in October that allows the system to detect telltale signs of infectious disease risk and automatically send reports to supervisors, government officials, and public health agencies. Continue Reading...

Butler County Approves Purchase of SafetyPAD ePCR

To continue the efforts of the Butler County EMS Department to improve patient care, Director Chad Pore came before the Butler County Commissioners to speak about the patient care reporting systems. Facing the end of that five-year contract, Pore suggested a move to a new software program. He continued to outline the benefits of moving to the SafetyPad program. Continue Reading...

High Tech Education Conf. Attracts Leaders In Public Safety

Public Safety leaders and IT professionals from across North America gather in Vancouver today, to learn about the latest in FDM Software’s Records Management and Computer Aided Dispatch technology for the fire service. Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD Launches Infectious Disease Logic Monitoring
SafetyPAD announces the launch of its infectious disease screening and monitoring initiative to assist fire and EMS to identify potential infectious disease risks. Rapidly developed in response to the growing worldwide concerns of pandemic threats, including Ebola Virus Disease, the feature enables care providers to recognize infectious disease candidates and quickly share critical information with receiving facilities, various departments, and community health staff. Continue Reading...

Emergency Link: Improving Patient Care

When someone in the city of Boston is brought by ambulance to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, clinicians in BIDMC’s Emergency Department are briefed by the EMS personnel on the patient’s injury or illness. But what if, after the paramedics leave, there are further questions about the patient’s condition, or the treatment that EMS administered? Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD Announced new ePCR Platform for Android

Designed specifically for mobile devices, the ePCR platform allows EMS teams to document, save, and share patient reports through a fully configurable user interface. The EMS data collection system leverages a web-based portal powered on a hosted cloud network, but does not require an active wireless connection. Reports will be saved and automatically sent when service is available. Continue Reading...

Chicago Fire Expands Simulation Training Center Goals
Since it’s inception in 2009, the Chicago Fire Department’s (CFD) simulation training center (STC) has provided countless hours of clinical experience and training to EMS and first responder providers throughout the city of Chicago. The STC is dedicated to a five-part mission: simulation, education, research, peer sharing and performance improvement.Since the summer of 2012, the STC has expanded Continue Reading...

Technology Can Close Airway Training Gaps

Budgets cuts and belt tightening have left EMS and fire agencies with little choice—not just the fat is being cut from agency budgets, but also some of the meat. One area that continues to suffer from tighter purse strings is training.
Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD Opens Additional Office In Dallas
OPEN Incorporated, makers of the SafetyPAD suite of software products for Fire and EMS, today announced the opening of its Dallas office. The move will support SafetyPAD’s continued expansion into the western half of the country, and allow them to service a greater number of agencies in the U.S. and South America.
Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD Partners with Medical Device Company Vivid Medical

SafetyPAD's seamless integration to Vivid Medical's VividTrac single-use video laryngoscope, which supports proper and speedy placement of the endotracheal intubation (ET) tube, allows not only VividTrac to utilize the large format SafetyPAD hardware screen for high quality real-time video during the ET tube placement, but also to have a permanent record of the intubation process stored in the ePCR system.
Continue Reading...

Spokane Fire Department Deploys SafetyPAD
The Spokane Fire Department (SFD) recently started up its new electronic patient care reporting system, SafetyPAD. This is another large city which has selected SafetyPAD ePCR as its premier provider and will be the first with the first two-way fire records interface between SafetyPAD and FDM Software’s Records Management System (RMS).The joint implementation makes it easier for the department to leverage best of breed solutions without increasing overhead costs and, at the same time, enhance operational and strategic planning capabilities. Continue Reading...

Spokane Mayor Hold Briefing Introducing SafetyPAD

Spokane Mayor David Condon helds a briefing on Monday April 7th 2014 to discuss The Spokane Fire Department's switch to SafetyPAD (ePCR) electronic patient records.
Continue Reading...

Making the Move to ePCR Systems in EMS at EMS Today
With so many systems moving to electronic health data collection and ePCR, I thought it would be a good idea to bring in some expert advice on how to move in selecting and using an ePCR system. To do that, I asked Scott Streicher from SafetyPad.com to join me while we were both at EMS Today last month in Washington, DC.
Continue Reading...

MN EMT Device: great for heatcare and economy

Ten years ago, Hennepin Emergency Medical Services paramedics spent up to an hour after each call documenting patient information on paper, using notes they scribbled on scraps of paper and the backs of their gloves. But since 2004, patient documentation has become so fast that responders can be ready for a new dispatch call in an average of 17 minutes after dropping a patient off at the hospital.
Continue Reading...

Sumter County Fire & EMS Start Using SafetyPAD ePCR
"We have been making improvements each year to better serve the community," said Sumter Deputy Chief of Administration Chief Stephen J. Kennedy. "It made sense to adopt SafetyPAD not only to provide better service to clients, but also to streamline emergency response processes and reduce overhead."
Continue Reading...

3 Additional Ohio Fire Departments Implement SafetyPAD

“There is no doubt that calls for service continue to increase annually, while budgets are stagnating or decreasing,” said Lockland Fire-Rescue Chief James Benjamin. “With that in mind, we had to identify a software that would enable us to provide quality medical documentation in an easy to use and user friendly format. SafetyPAD met all these requirements and with that in mind, it made perfect sense to adopt SafetyPAD."
Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD Reduces “Frequent Flyers” by 48% in D.C.
SafetyPAD continues to provide critical tools to assist D.C. Fire & EMS' Street Calls program. The program has been in place since 2008 and this year alone, D.C. Fire & EMS has reduced the most chronic users of the 911 system calls by over 48 percent.
Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD ePCR Allows Focus On Patient Care

With full CAD integration, HIPAA compliant reporting, and rapid report entry features, SafetyPAD’s software allows the EMT and Paramedic to return to a focus on patient care instead of documentation. SafetyPAD allows first responders and paramedics to accurately generate pre-hospital patient care documentation in the field in real-time.
Continue Reading...

SafetyPad Makers Announce Partnership With INDMEX
The partnership will provide a totally integrated EMS incident response system that includes several capabilities: complete airport situational awareness, runway incursion warnings and records management enterprise system for airport first responders. Continue Reading...

FDM Software and SafetyPAD Forge Partnership

The agreement will enable FDM and OPEN to leverage each other’s skills and expertise to better serve emergency service agencies in North America and to expand their operations in international markets. Each company will train to support the other’s system.”Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD Produces First NEMSIS 3 CARES Data Exchange with Chicago Fire
A cooperative between Emory University’s School of Medicine and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CARES save lives by measuring how well emergency medical services agencies respond to such calls. Continue Reading...

Green Township Fire & EMS Implement SafetyPAD

“With departments like ours getting busier each year, it made perfect sense to adopt SafetyPAD in order to better serve our citizens,” said Chief Douglas Witsken, Green Township Fire & EMS. “Not only do we anticipate providing better service to clients, but also adding the capability to lessen our administrative overhead and streamline emergency response processes.”Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD First Response deployed at Boston Marathon
The new Android based platform was designed for a lightweight device intended for use by bike and gator teams to respond and document patients in need of aid by Boston EMS first responders along the marathon route. Continue Reading...

First Response App Deployed at Boston Marathon

Boston EMS is deploying a new, off-the-shelf, lightweight mobile device for the first time at the Boston Marathon on April 15.The platform, from SafetyPAD, gives EMS personnel the ability to record patient information quickly. It can be carried into crowds and used to assess patients upon arrival, document in realtime, transmit data to transport units before they arrive, and other features. Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD Brings Innovation To ePCR
SafetyPAD is a comprehensive, flexible, easy-to-use electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) system that allows agencies to collect, utilize and share incident and patient EMS data. SafetyPAD allows first responders and paramedics to accurately generate pre-hospital patient care documentation in the field in real-time. Continue Reading...

The New Age of Electronic Patient Data Sharing

Picture this scenario. EMTs rush into the emergency room with a patient they transported after responding to a 9-1-1 call. He’s immediately directed to a CT scan room; his pulse and blood pressure are rapidly dropping. At that precise moment the doctor needs to know several things... Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD supports D.C. Fire Inauguration efforts
SafetyPAD successfully supported Fire and EMS teams deployed to support the 57th Presidential Inauguration. Crews from D.C. Fire and EMS utilized the SafetyPAD technology to service the more than 800,000 individuals present in and around the Inaugural activities area.. Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD Partners with Boston Area Hospital to Allow Patient Data Sharing with API

SafetyPAD announces that Brigham and Women'€™s Hospital implemented its automated Web Services API to receive pre-hospital patient data from Boston EMS. The technology ensures that hospital staff receive critical patientinformation documented in SafetyPAD pre-hospital reports by first respondersl.Continue Reading...

Three Tips For Transitioning To ePCR
With the massive migration to electronic Patient Care Reporting platforms (ePCR) from paper run reports, EMS agencies have more decisions to make than just a software vendor. More and more hardware manufacturers are producing rugged tablet and convertible devices that can be used in the pre-hospital setting. Continue Reading...

Why Paper is Poison

The advent of onboard software platforms embedded in ruggedized mobile devices will not only reduce reporting times, but turn a largely administrative process into an additional resource for EMTs and firefighters to improve the quality of care in the field. Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD Features to Expedite Administrative Process
OPEN Incorporated, makers of the SafetyPAD suite of technology products for Fire and Emergency Medical Services, has enhanced its Enterprise Version 4.0 platform with automated case flow notification and assignment capabilities. Continue Reading...

Reading Selects SafetyPAD EMS Information Systems


OPEN Incorporated, makers of the SafetyPAD® software Suite of products for Fire and Emergency Medical Services, is proud to announce the award of a contract with the City of Reading Ohio for implementation of OPEN's electronic Patient Care Reporting system-SafetyPAD. Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD Enterprise Reduces D.C. 9-1-1 Call Volume
Enterprise Agent is a powerful task scheduler utility that scans for PCRs matching selected search criteria and then responds by performing automated tasks. EA also seamlessly integrates with most SafetyPAD® Enterprise components, including Case Flow clinical case management (QA/QI); Case Alert syndromic surveillance; ePCR management; reporting; faxing; automatic ePCR delivery and more. Continue Reading...

Hospital Cloud Platform Sends Patient Data From Emergency Vehicles to ERs


Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston has developed a cloud-based electronic hospital management system using an application program interface (API) called SafetyPad from fire and EMS software vendor Open Inc. to connect emergency department workers with prehospital data from Boston EMS ambulances. Continue Reading...

Boston EMS, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Announce Partnership
Using the SafetyPAD API, Boston EMS is now automatically importing data for all patients transported to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) directly into their industry-leading electronic hospital management system. Continue Reading...

A Tablet PC Made For Emergencies


Think of it as an iPad for ambulances. A touch-screen tablet computer called SafetyPad is a paramedic's constant companion at Hennepin County Medical Center. Created by Open Inc. of Edina, the tablet replaces the often late and sometimes incomplete paper reports of ambulance calls. Continue Reading...


Cool Technology of The Week!
I've often been asked how Emergency Medical Services (EMS) run sheets can be automatically integrated to emergency department information systems so that the transition of care between the ambulance and the hospital is seamless. In Boston, both problems have been solved. Continue Reading...

Electronic Patient Care Reports Save Lives/Time/Money
In emergencies, every second counts when it comes to patient assessment and care. During calm times, every penny counts as well. Now there’s new technology gaining speed among South Sound emergency medical services departments — electronic patient care — to facilitate communication between injured people, health care sites and emergency stations. Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD endures with Boston EMS at 2012 Marathon

BOSTON -- There are races to run fast, and there are races that runners just want to finish. Temperatures were hitting the mid- 80s which made Monday's Boston Marathon  a real challenge to runners and Boston EMS personnel. Boston EMS spends hundreds of hours planning for this event and its electronic patient care reporting system, SafetyPAD  is critical to documenting runners who become patients. 
Continue Reading...

Improve EMS Services and Operations with SafetyPAD

Cincinnati Fire Lt. Bob Von Hoene entered hypothetical medical symptoms into one of the city’s new SafetyPADs Thursday morning, showing how the city’s new mobile reporting system analyzes the symptom list and generates follow-up questions and possible causes. Continue Reading...

SafetyPAD launches Enterprise Version 4.0

OPEN Incorporated has announced the launch of its Enterprise Version 4.0 platform with enhanced quality control and interoperability features. SafetyPAD Enterprise is an industry leading EMS information management system. It is comprised of a high-performance relational database and a secure, web-based administrative console.
Continue Reading...

City's medic devices save time, maybe lives?


Cincinnati Fire Lt. Bob Von Hoene entered hypothetical medical symptoms into one of the city’s new SafetyPADs Thursday morning, showing how the city’s new mobile reporting system analyzes the symptom list and generates follow-up questions and possible causes. Continue Reading...

Cincinnati FD Deploys new rapid response system
OPEN Incorporated, makers of the SafetyPAD® suite of technology products for Fire and Emergency Medical Services, announces that the Cincinnati Fire Department has deployed its system agency-wide. Doing so allows the organization to provide rapid, appropriate and timely response regardless of the field conditions. Continue Reading...

Cincinnati Fire Department Deploys SafetyPAD
EMS Information Systems in the Field

OPEN Incorporated, makers of the SafetyPAD suite of technology products for Fire and Emergency Medical Services, announces that the Cincinnati (OH) Fire Department has deployed its system agency-wide. Doing so allows the organization to provide rapid, appropriate and timely response regardless of the field conditions. Continue Reading...

Cincinnati Fire Department Deploys SafetyPAD
“We’re very happy with the entire SafetyPAD operating system,” said Cincinnati Fire Department District Chief Alan Sedam. “It has performed above expectations and the support from their team has made the difference. Quality Assurance and improvement in patient care is a high priority for the Department and we are proud that OPEN Inc. is helping to make that happen.” Continue Reading...

News Archives:

  • 9-1-1 Magazine - 3/12
    “We’re very happy with the entire SafetyPAD operating system,” said Cincinnati Fire Department District Chief Alan Sedam.
  • FireEngineering.com - 3/12
    OPEN created several custom features for the SafetyPAD Mobile product through feedback from the Department.
  • The Cincinnati Herald- 3/12
    OPEN Incorporated announces that the Cincinnati Fire Department has deployed its system agency-wide.

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