Wireless Updates
over the air, instantly

SafetyPAD Enterprise ‘Export’ user interface allows for simple administrative changes to be ‘sent’ to the mobile units without the need to touch any device.  The administrator simply clicks an ‘export’ button in the web-based Enterprise site.  SafetyPAD also offers an agency configurable ‘auto-updater’ for more advanced on complex wireless updates.  SafetyPAD’s backend system console monitors each device’s update release, last boot time, current status and other maintenance and support metrics.  With high performance sites with many devices, these features greatly simply device management.

Android Mobile:
SafetyPAD Mobile for Android
  • SafetyPAD for Android Features
  • Windows Mobile:
    SafetyPAD Mobile for Windows
  • NEMSIS Compliance
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Medical Device Interface
  • CAD Interface
  • Interactive Protocols
  • Wireless Transfer of Care
  • Physicians Desk Reference
  • NFIRS- Fire RMS Interface
  • AutoPCR Feature
  • ID Card Scanning
  • Frequent Flier feature
  • Wireless/Auto Fax
  • File Attachments
  • Signatures Capture
  • Multiple Patients
  • Wireless Updates