Mobile Physicians Desk Reference
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The ‘info’ feature is tightly integrated within Active Guidelines, allowing agencies to define window-compliant reference materials to be accessed by field personnel with the touch of a button. Materials including an online PDF, HTML materials and instructional video. This feature provides valuable ‘content’ in common windows format to field personnel with a single click of the pen. Upcoming features include SafetyPAD’s integration with the U.S. drug reference library for more accurate and up to date information.

Android Mobile:
SafetyPAD Mobile for Android
  • SafetyPAD for Android Features
  • Windows Mobile:
    SafetyPAD Mobile for Windows
  • NEMSIS Compliance
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Medical Device Interface
  • CAD Interface
  • Interactive Protocols
  • Wireless Transfer of Care
  • Physicians Desk Reference
  • NFIRS- Fire RMS Interface
  • AutoPCR Feature
  • ID Card Scanning
  • Frequent Flier feature
  • Wireless/Auto Fax
  • File Attachments
  • Signatures Capture
  • Multiple Patients
  • Wireless Updates