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Enterprise Reporting is the first system to offer a highly customer-configurable web-based combined analysis and ad hoc reporting tool, providing customers with tool that is fully integrated with the SafetyPAD system allowing staff to use and modify complex reports, create reports from ‘scratch’, and schedule report generation and distribution. The SafetyPAD Enterprise Reporter in a fully integrated web-based reporting, analysis and information delivery tool which operates independently of third party reporting applications like Crystal Reports or Cognos Reporting. This autonomy allows agency personnel, without training in SQL queries or Crystal reporting, to create and manage complex statistical, clinical, demographic, performance, billing, and operational reports. Reports can be readily created with a third party tool, such as Crystal, if desired. The SafetyPAD Enterprise Report Builder is extremely robust and flexible.

What it can do:

SafetyPAD Enterprise, Enterprise Reporter and the SafetyPAD mobile system all utilize the same database as their source for reference, security, and collected PCR data. This sharing results in reduced maintenance as well as seamless integration, allowing agencies to maintain one database and source for data when creating and modifying operational or clinical elements shared by the client, backend and reporting systems. Lookup and clinical changes, for example, are automatically updated and instantly available as choices for both field and Enterprise Reporter users. Administrators utilizing the web-based SafetyPAD Enterprise sign-in as a primary point of entry can manage all lists associated with the SafetyPAD® system.

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Enterprise Features:
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  • Enterprise Agent
  • State and National Reporting
  • Case Flow Interface
  • Advanced Search PCR Manager
  • Active & Interactive Protocols
  • CAD Reconciler
  • Automated Archiving
  • API Data Sharing
  • Billing Interface
  • Export Updates
  • Centralized User Management
  • Wireless & Automated Faxing
  • Cloud Data Hosting
  • Configurable Entry Screens
  • Addendum Record Changes
  • Hospital Log-In