send faxes wirelessly, and automatically.

Wireless Fax Server

This module accepts ePCR's created in the field and faxes them to the respective or selected receiving facilities.  It eliminates (in many cases) the need to print ePCR’s at the receiving facility, and offers greater, more rapid communications on patient needs prior to arriving at the facility.

Automated Faxing

Another of SafetyPAD’s enhanced features includes an automated faxing service.  Field providers simply submit the reports from the mobile units to the server and SafetyPAD applications take over the process of sorting records and automatically fax to the hospital listed on the report.

Faxing does a solid option for department’s desire reducing support obligations for hospital printers and field user actions.  Many of OPEN’s larger sites utilize SafetyPAD mobile’s one-click option to fax a pre-arrival ePCR fax to the receiving facility as well as SafetyPAD’s autofax feature, a backend service that faxes the completed report automatically to the receiving facility.  All fax numbers are preprogrammed into the system.  OPEN recommends these faxing features (along with a potential combination of hospitals accessing SafetyPAD ePCRs through a secure browser or through other access methods described elsewhere).

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