Case Flow
QA/QI that's simple and seamless

Ensuring that calls follow protocols, are completed according to policy and procedure, and are immediately available for quality assurance, feedback and correction have long been important but elusive goals for EMS agencies.  SafetyPAD Enterprise helps agencies to achieve these goals with the introduction of Case Flow.

Case Flow is a QA management add-in for SafetyPAD Enterprise 4.0 that allows QA personnel to quickly document and create task-oriented resolutions for outstanding issues identified with any case or PCR. Enterprise users then work collaboratively using Case Flow to bring the case to QA acceptance.

The Case Flow Panel is integrated directly into the PCR Viewer/Editor.  Authorized users such as QA managers can quickly document an issue, add a public or private note to the case or put the case into ‘flow’ by assigning a task to one or more Enterprise users or groups.  A task can be anything from “review this case” to “explain this” to “complete a course”, etc.  The assignee is then immediately notified and responds by using the Case Flow Panel to acknowledge receipt and completion of the task.  When all assigned tasks have been satisfactorily completed, the QA manager can close/accept the case.

The Case Flow Manager provides a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute, birds-eye view of what’s going on with each case, and what needs to be done next. This module allows supervisors, QA staff, and medics to ensure calls are reviewed properly and corrected as needed in a timely manner.  A reminder bar provides instant notification whenever there are QA items that need attention.

The Case Flow Agent (part of Enterprise Agent) allows for comprehensive rules to be established for the automatic distribution, routing, categorization and review of targeted cases to the appropriate staff (including supervisors, QA, medical directors, field staff, etc.) for web-based review, annotation, issue tracking, task assignment, approval, rejection, etc.

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