Bioview Alerting
user definable email alerts.

As cases are entered they are continually checked against agnecy-defined criteria set for each individual alert.  Documentation or the lack of documentation of various treatments,  impression, signs, complaints, symptions, other data elements, or nearly any combination of data can trigger an alert.  A certain quantity of matching cases within a specified period can also generate an alert, common with syndromic surveillance.  In addition, custom alerts of ostensibly any combination of data collected in SafetyPAD can be used to trigger an email notification.  Alerts are also designed to be easily viable on smartphones and can include a HIPAA-cleansed ePCR PDF attachment.

The BioView engine immediately analyzes key incident and patient factors, including signs and symptoms against agency-specific parameters. Commonly, this information is also delivered to a larger data warehouse managed by a region’s Department of Health. Bio-View offers Syndromic Surveillance and Clinical Alerting Technology.

What it can do:

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Enterprise Features:
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  • State and National Reporting
  • Case Flow Interface
  • Advanced Search PCR Manager
  • Active & Interactive Protocols
  • CAD Reconciler
  • Automated Archiving
  • API Data Sharing
  • Billing Interface
  • Bioview Email & SMS Alerting
  • Export Updates
  • Centralized User Management
  • Wireless & Automated Faxing
  • Cloud Data Hosting
  • Configurable Entry Screens
  • Addendum Record Changes
  • Hospital Log-In