API (Application Programming Interface)
your data, your way, on demand.

The SafetyPAD API exposes a targeted subset of features of the SafetyPAD platform to developers. The SafetyPAD API accepts GET or POST requests to the primary API endpoint URL (URL provided to clients) and returns one or more results in XML format. In general, you will send requests via GET when retrieving information and via POST when adding, removing or updating information. At the start of each request, the API resolves your API key directly to your existing enterprise user account. Your enterprise user account has one or more roles and permissions (assigned by your enterprise administrator) that may alter the results returned by the API. For example, if your API key resolves to a user who does not have permission to view a patient's billing address, the API will automatically exclude that data from any response

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Enterprise Features:
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  • Enterprise Agent
  • State and National Reporting
  • Case Flow Interface
  • Advanced Search PCR Manager
  • Active & Interactive Protocols
  • CAD Reconciler
  • Automated Archiving
  • API Data Sharing
  • Billing Interface
  • Export Updates
  • Centralized User Management
  • Wireless & Automated Faxing
  • Cloud Data Hosting
  • Configurable Entry Screens
  • Addendum Record Changes
  • Hospital Log-In