Enterprise Agent
define, schedule, and respond

Enterprise Agent (EA) is a powerful task scheduler utility that periodically scans for PCRs that match selected search criteria and then responds by performing one or more automated tasks utilizing the matched PCRs. Several SafetyPAD Enterprise modules are either based on or use EA including: Case Flow Agent™ (coming soon), BioView™, AutoFax™, Reporting (coming soon) and more.

Agent Actions

Enterprise Agent is composed of a collection of user-configured Agent Actions; a Title to identify the action, a Schedule to determine how frequently the action should run, a highly customizable PCR Search which is executed each time the action is run, and a Response which determines what the Action will do with the PCRs that are matched by the Search. Enterprise Agent may be configured to run any number of Actions, each with its own independent Schedule, PCR Search and Response.

Response Types

For each Agent Action you create, you will select a preset Response. The Response you choose determines what that Action will do with the PCRs that are matched by the PCR Search when the action is run. Several different types of responses are available, each of which adds unique and powerful functionality to Enterprise Agent. The available responses include:

Export Tracking

Enterprise Agent uses the SafetyPAD export tracking mechanism to to prevent duplicate processing of cases matched by the Search. The cases matched by an Action's PCR Search are processed once and only once for the lifetime of that Action.


All Enterprise Agent activity is tracked and can be monitored in real-time via the Enterprise Agent Monitor. Identifying events and when they last occurred in the monitor is simple and easy to read with filters for event types and action names.


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Enterprise Features:
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  • Enterprise Agent
  • State and National Reporting
  • Case Flow Interface
  • Advanced Search PCR Manager
  • Active & Interactive Protocols
  • CAD Reconciler
  • Automated Archiving
  • API Data Sharing
  • Billing Interface
  • Export Updates
  • Centralized User Management
  • Wireless & Automated Faxing
  • Cloud Data Hosting
  • Configurable Entry Screens
  • Addendum Record Changes
  • Hospital Log-In