Addendum Record Changes
providing and tracking access and updates

An original crew member (or any type of person) can be configured to have certain access rights to backend system components as well as certain details and features of each applicable ePCR.  In this example, a crew member could be configured to only have access to their reports and have the ability to (for example) add addendums, add ‘CaseFlow’ status updates, edit the ePCR (with comprehensive audits) and other capabilities.  Enterprise, as noted elsewhere, offers extremely flexible and comprehensive rule/role-drive access rights to application and various parts of the ePCR.  See elsewhere in this response for additional details.

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Enterprise Features:
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  • Enterprise Agent
  • State and National Reporting
  • Case Flow Interface
  • Advanced Search PCR Manager
  • Active & Interactive Protocols
  • CAD Reconciler
  • Automated Archiving
  • API Data Sharing
  • Billing Interface
  • Export Updates
  • Centralized User Management
  • Wireless & Automated Faxing
  • Cloud Data Hosting
  • Configurable Entry Screens
  • Addendum Record Changes
  • Hospital Log-In