Open Inc. LogoA brief introduction:

OPEN incorporated (SafetyPAD) has been developing highly successful electronic EMS informatics solutions since 1993.  Our SafetyPAD electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) system was released in 1996 and we’ve been developing innovative and successful mobile computing solutions ever since. SafetyPAD is a fully integrated, enterprise-wide information management solution for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and fire services requiring comprehensive electronic documentation and information management (ePCR).  It offers expansive benefits to care providers by optimally collecting, managing, analyzing, and communicating mission critical incident and patient information as it happens, and thereafter. 

We are a technology company comprised of a staff that has its roots in the EMS community.  Our staff possesses extensive experience in various aspects of systems engineering, programming, security, virtualization, networking and wireless technology provides our clients with a wealth of information.  Various members of our team specialize in databases, Windows networking, VMWare, NEMSIS and State reporting all of which tie directly in to the core functions provided by our company.  Our support system is second to none.  We provide detailed tracking with a customer web portal allowing program and 24/7 response.

The SafetyPAD system was developed to initially support high performance systems where  rapid, user-friendly and comprehensive EMS documentation and robust backend system-wide management were keys to overall success.  Ongoing improvements and system design allow for a completely scalable system supporting 400 to 400,000+ patient care reports annually.

Key Personnel:
a look at our leadership

OPEN Icon Mike Vukovich - Founder
Michael Vukovich is the founder and President of OPEN incorporated and has since 1993 specifically in EMS field information management systems. He is responsible for senior level oversight and will also act as the Chairman of the Board for OPEN. Mr. Vukovich is focused on oversight approval of strategic plans to advance the company's mission and objectives and to promote growth as an organization. Mr. Vukovich works closely with COO and CTO to ensure that plans, strategy and direction are prioritized and carried out.

OPEN Icon Josh Austin - Chief Technology Officer
Josh Austin is responsible for the company's technical vision and leading all aspects of the company's technology development playing and integral role in the company's strategic direction. He has been with OPEN incorporated for over 5 years and is a member of Open’s board of directors. With over 20 years of business technology experience specializing in advanced information systems management; he has held positions in a variety of industries including defense contracting, telecommunications and commercial software development. Josh is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Florida Paramedic/Fire Fighter. The combination of his veteran technical experience and a background in Fire/EMS brings together a unique skill set that is custom tailored for EMS software development.
OPEN Icon Robert Mirabelle - Chief Software Architect
Robert leads the development team and spearheads the continued modernization and innovation of the SafetyPAD platform. Mr. Mirabelle is responsible for carrying out the strategic technology plan through design and implementation of product development related functions. Robert brings over 18 years of experience in web/application design/development and graphic design (including digital artwork, corporate branding & 3D) to the OPEN team. Robert specializes in object oriented programming, systems architecture, patterns, web services, APIs, database design & management, usability, graphics, branding, web marketing, e-commerce, desktop app development, multimedia production, streaming media and more. Robert is also an avid music composer and multi-instrumentalist.